Top Smartphone Repair Issues Every Samsung Galaxy Phones Has

We fix Samsung phones all 365 days, but there’s specific repairs we commonly perform more than others. With that said, if your phone is cracked or broken then fret not, you may not be the only one. As per reports, it’s estimated that almost 1 in 4 Samsung smartphones will see damage within the initial six months of usage.

While the phones themselves aren’t to blame here, it’s our daily usage and handling that makes up for the risk of damage to our phones.

Here are the most popular Samsung Phone Issues we repair at One Stop Repairs, in Wellington.

Cracked Screen

The technology behind smartphone glass has become quite popular these days as more smartphone manufacturers are finding new ways to make sturdier screens. Though sturdier, any screen if dropped on surface is prone to cracking.

One of the most common reasons a smartphone or tablet can get damaged is cracked screen. And the only way to repair it is to entirely replace it. If not fixed promptly, there’s a possibility of the cracks getting worse. Moreover, it’s also difficult to use the phone properly for almost everything since you can’t see anything past the screen. Such damaged screen with scratches and deeper cracks are harsh on the fingers.

While you can always use a DIY kit to fix the screen of your smartphone, such options are temporary and not primarily recommended. In this case, many tend to do more harm than good to the device. With the lack of needed tools and expertise, performing a repair can get tricky. After all your device has a lot to offer and can be further damaged if repaired from an affordable repair shop. DIY kits here also won’t offer original screen quality, the ones that your phone came with.

At One Stop Repairs, we only utilise some of the best replace replacement parts that are on par with the original. Thanks to this your smartphone screen will also work and perform normally as if it wasn’t damaged in the first place.

Water Damaged Smartphone

Remember that if you haven’t bought a waterproof phone yet, there’s always the risk of water damage happening to your smartphone. It’s simpler than you might think to drop it in anything such as a toilet, pool, or even a puddle.

The instance your smartphone makes its way in water, the best you can possibly do is to remove the essentials like your SIM, memory card, and the battery. Make sure you wipe them using a dry towel and leave them out to dry. You should do this right away to prevent any short or circuit failure happening in the system.

Here’s what you shouldn’t ever do once your smartphone drops in water:

  • Never leave all the parts as they’re in the smartphone hoping they’ll function later on.
  • Never blow dry any parts or the smartphone itself nor use any heat source.
  • Never wander around or move with your smartphone too much; You may possibly risk draining the water in other parts or the whole circuitry.
  • Never press any switches or buttons.
Samsung Phone with Poor Battery Power

Your battery keeps your phone going all through the day and if your battery isn’t functioning properly neither is your phone. If your phone used to last a lot longer on one charge, you’re not imagining things. The average smartphone battery will last 1 to 2 years before starting to drain quicker than usual, or even breaking all together. It’s not as easy to switch out batteries as often assumed, which is why it is recommended for a professional to take care of the task.

We have access to the highest quality batteries that match your original model, at one stop repairs. Aftermarket batteries may cause your phone to short out or even start a fire.

Broken Home Button

You need your Samsung home button to navigate your smartphone. As soon as the home button breaks or starts to malfunction simple tasks can become very challenging and irritating, if not entirely impossible.

If your home button starts to malfunction try turning your phone off and then back on to see if that fixes the problem, in many cases it will do the trick. If your home button is still not working after restarting the phone there might be something sticky trapped in the home button preventing it from working right. Try gently cleaning this area to see if that helps.

If it still doesn’t work, bring at One Stop Repairs and one of experienced technician can investigate and provide you the quote.

Broken Power Button

The Samsung power button is like the home button. If your power button isn’t working, try gently cleaning around the button to see if this solves the issue. If this doesn’t work, try plugging your phone in the charger for 20 minutes or so before trying again.

If your Samsung power button still doesn’t work, one of our professional technicians will help solve the problem. In some cases, the power button fails because internal circuitry needs repairs.

Broken Headphone Jacks, USB and Charging Ports

Headphone jacks, USB and charging ports are not protected against dust, water, and other elements that that can create a malfunction in the system. The first thing to do is check and make sure the problem is not related to the cables or headphones. Try a different cord or accessory first to identify if the problem is isolated to your phone. If no device is working with your phone, try restarting it before attempting again.

If this doesn’t fix the issue bring it on in to One Stop Repairs, most affordable and reliable Samsung Phone Repair Service in Wellington. We use high quality parts for all Samsung Repairs and are backed by 6 months of warranty on repairs.

Top Smartphone Repair Issues Every Samsung Galaxy Phones Has
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