How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck on iPhone Screen Repairs

Best Prices for iPhone Screen Replacement in Wellington

There’s no denying that getting the screen replaced on your iPhones can be expensive. So, how much do you really have to pay to get your device working again? Find out about the price of iPhones screen repair in Wellington here:

Option 1: iPhone Screen Replacement by Apple Licensed Repair Service

If your iPhone is out of warranty and you want it repaired by a licensed Apple service centre, get ready to spend money—and brace for a long wait time. Prepare to shell out big dollars for cracked screen repair, assuming you don’t have AppleCare or that your warranty has expired. If you have AppleCare+ then your coverage is extended, and you may be able to get your phone repaired free of charge.

Here’s the thing: Companies are always looking for creative ways to increase their profits and sales—and Apple is certainly no exception. Some industry analysts say that the brand has been making some serious revenue on replacement screens. While this profit-making approach wasn’t intentional, it seems the company is cashing in on replacing cracked screens on all iPhone models.

Option 2: Screen Replacement by a Third-Party Smartphone Repair Centre in Wellington

The good news is that you don’t have to be at the mercy of Apple whenever your iPhone screen gets damaged. There are some reliable repair providers in Wellington that can provide affordable iPhone Repair Service with reliable service. At One Stop Repairs, we provide iPhone screen replacement at prices that won’t break your budget. Plus, we also offer free Screen Protector with most high range iPhone Screen Replacement. Our technicians are very experienced and have completed 100+ repairs of every iPhone models. We use high quality parts, and our repair is also backed by warranty.

How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck on iPhone Screen Repairs
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